Archwilio-the easy way to discover the archaeology of Wales through the records of the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts.

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Archwilio [Ar-ch-wil-ee-o] vb, to explore, examine, audit

General Conditions of Use

  • Information obtained from Archwilio is intended for use for information and research purposes only and should not be used for development control purposes or as part of a commercial project. Enquiries of this nature should be addressed directly to staff at the relevant trust via that Trust's Enquiries page
  • Information obtained from Archwilio shall not be passed to a third party without written consent*
  • Users shall be responsible for checking that the information obtained from Archwilio is correct
  • Copyright of the Archwilio data structure and content resides with the individual Welsh Archaeological Trusts unless otherwise stated
  • For publication in printed or multimedia form or to compile resources for commercial use, prior permission must be obtained in writing
  • Users of Archwilio will be expected to abide by all copyright and other legal restrictions which may apply to information held in the record
  • Users are required to acknowledge the use made of Archwilio in any document or published report

*Information extracted by the user from Archwilio is protected by copyright law and must not be reproduced, copied, passed, sold, published, demonstrated, lent, or otherwise transferred in data or written format by the user to a third party without the prior written consent of the originating Welsh Archaeological Trust.

Please consult the Regional Historic Environment Record Access and Cost Recovery Policy available here for further information on access conditions and cost.

Access and Damage to Archaeological Sites

The inclusion of an archaeological feature or building in Archwilio does not imply any right of public access to that site or monument. Most are on privately owned land, and permission must always be sought before any are visited. The Welsh Ministers and the Welsh Archaeological Trusts do not accept (so far as the law permits) any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of the information contained in Archwilio, and no claims for compensation or negligence will be accepted. For more information on this topic visit the Disclaimer page

The information contained within Archwilio must not be used for purposes that damage, or could lead to damage to, archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes. In particular, Scheduled Monuments (SMs) and Listed Buildings are legally protected, and it is illegal to damage them: in addition, works affecting them should not be instigated without the relevant permission.

Please contact Cadw directly for further information on Scheduled Monuments and Listed Buildings.

Cadw is the Welsh Government's historic environment division
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