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Archwilio [Ar-ch-wil-ee-o] vb, to explore, examine, audit

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About us

CPAT is one of four Welsh Archaeological Trusts working closely with other national, regional and local bodies, to help protect, record and interpret all aspects of the historic environment for the whole of Wales. Most of our work is in the Clwyd-Powys area - the county of Powys and the local authority areas in the former county of Clwyd - Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham County Borough and the eastern part of Conwy County Borough.

The Trust's staff are organised into an Administration Team, Curatorial Team and a Project Team. The Trust's core activities include the provision of information and advice on the archaeological resource to local, regional and national enquirers, and fieldwork projects to survey, examine and assess that resource.

The Trust is a registered charity and a limited company; its activities are managed by a board of Trustees and an advisory committee.

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