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Archwilio [Ar-ch-wil-ee-o] vb, to explore, examine, audit


We welcome enquiries about the historic environment of northeast and mid-Wales.

With the launch of Archwilio the general public has online access to all four Welsh Historic Environment Records. This allows people to query and research information on the archaeology and historic buildings of Wales at their leisure however, we don't anticipate it totally replacing the need for some enquirers to contact CPAT. Complex enquiries and those from organisations undertaking commercial contracts should still be addressed to Trust staff.

Requests for information requiring CPAT staff-time can be made by letter, telephone, fax and email, or by completing and returning the Enquiry Form accessible via the link on Archwilio. Enquirers contacting us by email can expect to receive a reply confirming receipt of their request and an indication of the length of time it will take to process their enquiry. When a request is faxed to the HER the enquirer is expected to telephone to confirm that the fax has been received.

For administrative purposes and to prevent misuse of information we ask users to tell us why they are enquiring, and to agree to our terms and conditions of access (see the Conditions of Use and The Welsh Archaeological Trusts' Guidelines for Access and Charging).

Archwilio automatically records searches made by online enquirers and access to online information will be dependent on agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions of access that can be consulted via Archwilio.

Information needing to be compiled by CPAT staff will be passed to the enquirer by the most suitable means, electronically by email, or by post. Material can be collected from CPAT’s offices by arrangement.

Postal address

  • Curatorial Section
  • Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust
  • 41 Broad Street
  • Welshpool
  • Powys
  • 7RR

Appointments should be made before visiting the Clwyd-Powys Historic Environment Record in person, please contact the HER Officer to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Opening hours - Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Search Facilities at the CPAT Offices

A computer terminal is provided at the CPAT offices at 7a Church Street for members of the public to conduct their own searches via Archwilio. A member of staff will be available to provide instructions and assist with searches if necessary.

When available, the library and meetings room at 7a Church Street can be used for studying a range of books, journals, photographs, maps, drawings and printed documents about archaeology and history.

Photocopying and scanning facilities are available.

Toilet facilities are available.

Disabled Access

We regret that the CPAT offices at 7a Church Street have no access or facilities for people with disabilities. We hope that this situation is largely overcome by the introduction of Archwilio but acknowledge that some enquiries may still necessitate access to hard copy materials held at 7a Church Street. In these circumstances CPAT Historic Environment Record staff will answer the enquiry, and will email or post the results to the enquirer.

The Data Protection Act (1998)

There is a right to access to the HER to inspect personal information held in a computerised system registered under the Data Protection Act (1998). This information is collected for the purposes of administering Welsh Archaeological Trust records and providing archaeological advice. The information will be used to monitor and improve the services offered by the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. It will not be provided to any outside agencies or individuals.

HER enquiries paperwork will be retained for 3 years, after which time it will be destroyed.

If you have a query or concern regarding this please contact the relevant Welsh Archaeological Trust (contact details to be found on the Welsh Archaeological Trusts' Guidelines for Access and Charging page.

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