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Archwilio [Ar-ch-oo-il-ee-o] vb, to explore, examine, audit


In addition to searching the online record, Archwilio, the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Historic Environment Record can be contacted directly. A request for information can be made in a number of ways:

• Telephone

• Letter

• Email

• Fax

The Welsh Archaeological Trusts produced an Access and Charging Policy, which sets out what types of information are available from the HER, what may be withheld, and the reasons for withholding information. Enquiry forms, to cover the provision of HER information, are currently downloadable from the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust website ( or are available upon request. The Welsh Archaeological Trusts' Access and Charging Policy can also be downloaded.

The form should be completed for each separate enquiry, although return visits relating to the same enquiry would not require multiple forms.

Anyone is welcome to visit the HER in person, but we request that an appointment is made in advance to ensure HER staff are available to aid the enquirer. Servicing enquiries is only one part of the role of HER staff, so this is essential.

HER enquiries will be dealt with free-of-charge to private individuals and academic researchers.

Archwilio may not be used for any commercial or development-related enquiries. These will still need to be dealt with by the HER staff and are likely to incur a charge, on a cost-recovery basis. Please contact the HER directly for further details.

The HER is open to the public on Monday to Friday, by appointment only, from 10 am to 4:30 pm. It is usually closed for lunch between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm.

Please contact the Historic Environment Record at:

  • Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
  • Craig Beuno
  • Garth Road
  • Bangor
  • Gwynedd
  • LL57 2RT
  • Tel: 01248 352535
  • Fax: 01248 370925
  • Email: or

If you have any special requirements due to disability, we would be grateful if you can inform us on scheduling your appointment to allow us to prepare for your visit.

Visitors to the HER are requested to sign the Trust visitors book, located in the main office, for security reasons.

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