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About us

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd (GGAT) created in 1975, is a charitable company. Its principal objective is to educate the public in archaeology. Primarily concerned with the area of Southeast Wales, we are one of four Welsh Archaeological Trusts covering the whole of Wales.

The Trust undertakes works for government and non-governmental bodies and private sector organisations. It owns, maintains and continually enhances the Regional Historic Environment Record, which includes information on more than 25,000 known archaeological and historic sites and monuments and is a prime tool for education and research.

The Trust provides an archaeological planning service jointly funded by the Unitary Authorities and Cadw, Currently more than 18,000 planning applications are checked each year for implications to the Historic Environment. Actions are advised to ensure that proper assessments are carried out and appropriate measures implemented to ensure that Historic Environment interests are protected.

The Trust also provides general advice through its Heritage Management Services to a variety of institutions and organisations including the Forestry Authority, CCW , Statutory Undertakers, the Environment Agency, National Trust, and the Church in Wales. The Trust is also a reporting station for the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

The Trust through its Projects teams undertakes assessments, evaluations, surveys, watching-briefs, building recording and excavations in South Wales and elsewhere. It has had extensive involvement with many major developments in the area. In addition Projects staff carry out area wide monument assessment and historic landscape characterisation works with the intention of improving the information and evidence base to support enhanced protection of the historic environment. The Trust has also contributed to developing research agendas through publication of its work. It promotes knowledge and learning about the past through publication, displays, leaflets, lectures and talks and seeks to involve the community of Southeast Wales in its work.

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