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Archwilio [Ar-ch-oo-il-ee-o] vb, to explore, examine, audit

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If you would like more information on any of the sites you've found on Archwilio , or for any other enquiry relating to the Historic Environment Record, please complete an enquiry form and email it to or post it to us at Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, Heathfield House, Heathfield, Swansea, SA1 6EL.

The Trust receives grants to allow it to provide information free of charge to private or academic researchers and local and national bodies. However, for enquiries of a commercial nature, perhaps related to development or planning matters, a charge will be made. Archwilio is not suitable for use for commercial enquiries.

All enquirers are asked to read and accept the Conditions of Access and the Welsh Archaeological Trust's Guidelines for Access and Charging. Copying is subject to copyright ownership and in some cases a copyright holder will need to be consulted before material can be released. Before release of HER data users must sign an HER Enquiry Form and Copyright Declaration.

Visit the HER

Alternatively a visit can be made to the HER in person, however, we ask that an appointment be made in advance. A dedicated public workstation is provided with access to the digital record and mapping. Staff will be on hand to assist with any queries and retrieval of paper records. Access is also available to our report archive and small reference library.

Signing In

Visitors to the HER are required to sign in at reception. For security reasons, all umbrellas, bags and briefcases must be left in the secure reception area and not taken into the HER Search/ Study rooms without prior permission.

User Facilities

  • A car park with space for visitors is available at the front of the Trusts premises
  • Conveniences are located on the ground floor of the building
  • A supervised search room with IT facilities is available for advanced users of the HER. For enquirers who are unfamiliar with the HER, dedicated staff are available to provide instruction and guidance
  • Conference facilities are available on request
  • Free information leaflets
  • Supervised access to the HER Reference Library containing collections on a range of local archaeology books and journals
  • Printing and photocopying facilities are available
  • The GGAT offices have disabled access and all HER facilities are located on the ground floor of the building. Designated staff are also on hand to provide support and assistance with accessibility. Unfortunately, at this time the Trust offices do not have disabled toilet facilities. In line with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004, GGAT is committed to access for all and will make reasonable adjustments to provide an equal level of service to all users

Opening hours:

The HER is open to the public by appointment Monday to Friday 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-4.00. We are closed on Bank Holidays.

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