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Penbedw Standing Stone

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 100224
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Nannerch
NGR : SJ1689167923
Site Type (preferred type first) : Bronze Age Standing stone
Legal Protection : scheduled ancient monument

Description :
Large standing stone, 1.6m high and situated about 274m from stone circle PRN100225. Its relationship with stone circle is uncertain. Davies noted that two tumuli once stood nearby.

RCAHM say stone is 237 yards from stone circle.

Samuel Lewis "Topographical Dictionary", repeated in W.Davies 1857 "Hand Book for the Vale of Clwyd", refers to 2 tumuli in a perfect state near the standing stone. Ellis Davies states that the "two tumuli" are non-existent, but does not indicate if they are destroyed or spurious (Davies, 1949, 91).

Stone measures 1.65m diameter at base and 0.8m diameter at top. Composed of undressed stone, though displaying some curvilinear markings on the southern face (Cadw, 1998).

A large upright stone, generally rounded, stands on SW side of old drive. Stone measures c. 1.6m high, x 1.6m Nw-SE x 1.24 NE-SW. Curvilinear markings noted by Cadw are natural. Used as a rubbing stone by animals, causing polishing to S side (CPAT 1999).

Sources :
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