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Standing Stone, Glan Alaw, W of Bod-deiniol

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 2066
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Tref Alaw
NGR : SH36838573
Site Type (preferred type first) : Bronze Age STANDING STONE
Legal Protection : Scheduled Ancient Monument

Description :
Standing stone. <1>

400 yards west of farm of Bod-deiniol. It stands in a ploughed field and is 8ft 6ins high, 6ft 7ins wide and 1ft 8ins thick. <2>

Standing stone as described above. <3>

Standing stone about 9 x 6 x 2ft. Arable field. The stone is as described, some packing stones are visible around the base. <4>

The stone shows a marked inclination towards BOD DEINIOL farm (E). This could possibly be as a result of erosion around the base of the stone, probably caused by farm animals. Action may be necessary to ensure that the stone stays upright. <5>

A very large slab, one face split the other a natural curving surface. Probably moved from an outcrop about 30m to the west. Set on a slight shoulder between slight valleys so has quite local views to and from. Surprising that the field wall didn't use it as a marker and incorporate it. Instead it lies about 20m out into the field. <7>

Sources :
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Events :
42230 : Prn 2066 Gat Site Visit (year : 1987)
40526 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monument Survey: West Gwynedd/Anglesey (year : 2003)

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